Mixed Condom Bulk Cases (1,000)

7.00 LBS

JT Distrinbution Mixed Variety Condom Cases.  Each Case contains 1,000 Mixed Condoms. Please Select the Case that meets your needs. All Condoms have at leats a 2 year shelf life. 

These are all Latex Condoms. All with Resevoir Tip and FDA Approved. 

Case Mix 1 – Value Sampler 
Mix Includes Crown, Caution Wear, LA Confidential, Atlas, Trustex, Fantasy, Paradise

Case Mix 2 – Flavored Sampler
Mix Includes ONE Flavors, Trustex Flavors, Fantasy Flavors, LifeStyle Flavors

Case Mix 3 – Premium Sampler
Mix Includes LifeStyles, Crown, Trojan Magnum, Trojan Enz, ONE & Trustex
Includes a Mix of Large, Regular, Flavored, Colors, Sensitive and Textured

Case Mix 4 – ONE Sampler
Mix Includes ONE Legend, Flavor Waves, Super Sensitive and Others.