About Us

Wholesale Condom Distributors

CondomDepot Wholesale is a Wholesale Master Distributor of Condoms and Personal Lubricants. In business for over 24 years, we have been supplying both the Health Sector, Non-Profit sector and Retail Sector with Bulk Packaged and Retail Packaged Condoms and Personal Lubricants.  We are a Master Distributor for Brands including...

Okamoto, Wink, Beyond Seven, Caution Wear, Atlas, ONE, Trojan, Durex, Lifestyles, Kimono, Crown and many others. 

Who - Who Our Customers Are

We sell products to customers that resell or freely distribute Condoms and Safer Sex materials.

What - What do we sell

We offer Condoms, Personal Lubricants, Latex and Non Latex Gloves and Educational Products.
We offer our products in both Retail Box (for Store Shelfs) and bulk (for handout)
Some of the lines we carry include:

Why - Why Choose CondomDepot Wholesale 

- Unlike other distributors we do not have a financial interest in the companies we distribute. As a multi-brand source, we do not have the need to push our own products. We have our finger on the pulse of the entire industry.

- We know the buying patterns of customers unlike any other source. We also help you grow your business by offering experienced advice and by offering products that compliment your best selling products.

- Our prices are the most competitive around; our service is top notch with quick shipping and a fill rate much higher than industry standards.

- We are not your ordinary Condom Wholesaler. We have multiple distribution points designed to quickly serve our clients needs. With rapid inventory turnover we can guarantee that all of our products are Fresh and we do not sell second hand products.

- Our relationship with leading condom manufactures as a high volume master distributor also guarantees that you will never be shipped Counterfeit or old products. Our relationship also means we generally receive Newly Released Products before our competition.

Some of the Major Brands We Distribute Include:

Condoms: Atlas, Fantasy, Beyond Seven, Caution Wear, Crown, Durex, LifeStyles, Trojan, Pleasure Plus, One, Kimono

Lubricants: KY & WET

Please Note:

We are a Condom Distributor. We do NOT sell direct to the general public. You must be an established business or Non Profit 501(3)c to place an order. You can find more information on becoming a customer by either calling 615-330-6887 or Filling Out Our Wholesale Application >